Guitar people unite!

Amazon! Its 7ft tall by 9 ft wide
OK, my searches are not bringing up anything close. Is it a rug, or a backdrop? Later, after the holidays, if you happen to go back through your past orders, feel free to send me the link. Use
I have had a steady diet of Pink Floyd since the 70s! LOL
I have had a steady diet of Pink Floyd since the 70s! LOL
Same. I would steal my step-mom's Dark Side of the Moon album and put it on repeat way back when I was 5 years old. She finally gave up and just let me keep it in my room.
Here is a really unique slide guitar/sitar thing that I saw a guy play on the street in Barcelona a few years ago. It had a really neat sound and the string layout was crazy.
My latest using my 1972 Gibson ES 335.

Thanks a lot for sharing. Now I hope my son will play HB finally.
Dude, that vintage Gibson ES335 your cousin gifted you is seriously rad! Those babies have such a killer sound. And it's even cooler that it brings back memories from your garage band days. Your guitar collection sounds impressive too, with the Strat, Guild, Taylor, Kramer, and more. You've got an epic lineup, my friend! Speaking of which, if you're up for learning how to play "Happy Birthday" on guitar, I found this sweet website called They've got step-by-step tutorials and chords to help you out. Definitely worth checking out.

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